Christmas Cake Pop Sophistication

Attempting these cake pops is more then a year and half in the making. It was lunch time this exact time last year with my best friend Amanda. We were discussing our differences in styles. This is us...

Amanda and Heather
I am not happy unless something is dipped and dripping in glitter. While we were lunching Amanda said something that struck me (I am sure she won't even remember). She said, "My biggest problem with your cake pops and all this cake pop madness is what if you are a grown up?" "What if I don't want to eat a Princess head or some other cutesie thing." This was just about the time I brought these to work last year for Christmas:

I have been thinking about our conversation since last year. I decided for this Christmas to make a Christmas cake pop a little more on the subdued side. Something a little classier. Something I think Amanda might order if she was throwing a high class Christmas party for adults.

I decided on a simple green candy melt base with red ribbion frosting wrapped around it. (I am still working on my piping skills but I think they came out mostly decent). I hope if you are more classy like Amanda and less glitter like me these cake pops will give you some ideas for your Christmas party this year.

Now about my Glitter Tree!!

Merry Christmas. May all your baking adventures go amazing and if they don't, may you get it on video and put it on youtube so I can laugh along with you!

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