Cake Pop Diaper Cake

My EMT Partner and his beautiful wife are expecting their second baby (a boy) very soon! For their baby shower I wanted to make them a diaper cake but I also wanted to find a way to incorporate cake pops for a fun and unique twist. This is what I came up with:

These gorgeous photos were taken by my partner who I made the cake for.
If you love photography (I do but I am horrible at it) then you can check out some
of his amazing photography at Humanparallax on Flickr or his blog Humanparallax.
1st: Roll the diapers and tie with ribbons to match your theme. I used blue since it was a boy but if you do a search of diaper cakes their are hundreds of examples to look at and inspire you. Plan for a three layer diaper cake.

Mine took the following:
1 Styrofoam round block
2  boxes 60 count diapers
4 rolls of ribbon
1 package of various size rubber bands
hot glue gun with hot glue stick
3 cake boards: 1 large cake board, 1 medium and one small. (I bought silver cake boards at party city on sale for a few dollars)
1 empty and cleaned wine bottle for the center anchor to build the diaper cake around. I have seen many cakes that use baby bottles or baby blankets as the center piece if you would prefer that.
1 group of silver beaded flower decorations from Michael's. You can use what ever decorations you like but I found these amazing drape beads in the flower section of Michael's on sale and thought they would match perfect!

40 cake pops decorated to match. Follow basic cake pop recipe on Bakerella and then unleash your creative side! (I would pre-make these a day or two in advance or you will be overwhelmed trying to make a diaper cake and 40 cake pops in one day.)

2nd: Build the first two layers of the diaper cake like a normal cake. Wrap the layers in ribbons and add what ever decorations you want to use for the diaper portion of the cake.

I added little baby rattle, pacifiers and baby doll pants to the two diaper
layers of the cake.

I placed stem portion the draping beads I found in the draping
beads I found in the center of the wine bottle opening which
is anchoring the cake and now covered completely with rolled diapers.

This is where you can get creative and pick what ever color combination or
ribbon/accessories you can fine. The best time to stock up on specialty
ribbon is right after a major Holiday. I will be buying all sorts of half off Halloween ribbon
in the next few weeks after Halloween.

 3rd: The top layer. Cut a whole in the center of the small cake board and the Styrofoam block. I hot glued mine together to make it a little more sturdy. Place the cake board with attached Styrofoam on top of the diaper cake. The top of the wine bottle might still be sticking out a little but I just covered it with ribbons and once the cake pops are in place you won't be able to tell at all. Decorate the edge of the Styrofoam block to match the rest of the cake with ribbon or other decorations. The comes the fun part! Add the cake pops and sit back and admire all your hard work!

as you can tell this photos and the ones that follow were not take by the
Humanparallax but by my camera phone. They should still give you a good idea of what the
finished product looks like and hopefully some ideas when you start making your own.

Have fun making your special Mom to Be Hero a Cake Pop Diaper Cake and I would love to see pictures of your twist on my Cake Pop Diaper Cake!!


  1. Thank you Thank Heaven for Little Swirls! It took a while to make but was worth it.

  2. I can honestly say that I've never seen a diaper cake like that before! Looks pretty amazing.

  3. Oh wow! that diaper cake looks really complicated!

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