Pink as we want to be...

My Sister and I had a conversation today about the color of her hair. She has been my little Blondie her whole life and she called to ask what I thought about changing to a darker color for fall. This would be the first time in her life she didn't have some blond as her main hair color. This conversation got my mind thinking about colors and people. I have been thinking all day about what color my sister is to me. I thought about it when writing reports, listening to heartbeats of my patients and driving home from work. Then just like that her colors sparkled to life in my head and I knew what color my Sister is and always has been to me. She is my favorite color (which makes since because she has been my favorite person since the moment her tiny little toes first wiggled) PINK. She everything good, bright, soft, loving and vivid. I originally planed to make a fall harvest pumpkin patch cake pop next (and will probably get too soon) but today I was inspired by my Sister and her color PINK:

First I made the cake and shaped how I wanted the cake pops. The original plan was fall theme so I
made gingerbread shapes and leaves as well as the classic balls.

I started with white chocolate chips and melted them
for dipping.

 I started dipping, still planing on fall...

Until I opened my gel food coloring box with all my different
colors and saw my Sister's color. I couldn't help it.
I had to make a cake pop representing
how her color seems to me.

Then I started thinking about my Mother...

I started thinking about my Mom and her two daughters and what
colors we are together.

Then I wanted to make a cake pop for some of the other amazing
Women I have been lucky enough to meet along the
journey of my life.

The Cake Pop Candace

Meet the Pink Ladies:
My Grandmothers: One who loved Elvis about all else and passed that love to me
One who taught me how to be strong and uncompromising.
Friends of old: for the women I grew up with and the friends I will always love.
Friends of new: For the women who walk into my life on a daily basis and make it better just by existing.

The Daughter Cake Pop: My Daughter is a Mosaic of happy, light and every thing awesome with life.

The end...

PS: If you are cake poper like me and want to take pictures of your work I used my daughter's construction paper for bases and backdrops and the free downloaded version of Photoshop for picture editing and adding borders and frames to my pictures. I used Bakerella's basic cake pop reciepe (though I use a little more frosting then hers calls for because it seems to work better for how I shape the pops) and then started melting and dying white chocolate until I found a color that was true.


  1. your cake pops are beautiful! I just love the different ideas you have for it. Great job!

  2. Thank you very much. I love making them. I am still teaching my self the basics of chocolate and candy making but it has been a treasure testing things out.

  3. How do you make your designs on the cake pops? Do you just dye the melted chocolate and "drizzle" it on some of them? How did you make the shirts? Sorry...I'm new to this ;)

  4. For the different color chocolate I used Wilton colored candy melts. They make pink, black, blue, green and like 100 different other colors. If they don't have just the color I want I get a gel based dye (no water based food colors that will destroy chocolate) and die white candy melts until it is the color I want.

    As for the shirts first I coat the whole cake pop in white candy melts and let it harden. Then I melted purple candy melts and diped one side kind of slanted and the dipped the other side. This left the white in the center looking like a shirt. I hope that helped!