iSprinkled on your Cupcake

My loyal readers and friends who have followed my blog since the beginning know how much I appreciate the Mommy blogging community. Us Moms are amazing. We share recipes, time, effort and support for each other. We leave comments of love, encouragement and advice on everything from raising our children to tips to keep the Turkey from drying out. Being a Mom of a special needs child, working full time and running a blog is challenging. I have been working on a way to raise a little money to keep the blog up and running, keep the cake pop love flowing and stay in the warm community I love so much. I have teamed up with Cafe Press to bring you my new store:  iSprinkledonyourcupcake

I came up with some cute sayings/designs to launch the store and will be adding more graphics and designs to as it grows. Christmas is coming so pop in and pick up something to show your favorite Baker how much you love them.

Right now we offer two designs: iSprinkled on your Cupcake  and iSprinkle
 Here are some of the cute and fun items you can purchase for your favorite baker or cupcake artist! 

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