V-Day Sweets on the cheap!

We are almost there? Have you put off baking your sweet heart a V-Day treat until the last second? Well no worries here is two quick idea for something yummy and cute. First we have our chocolate dipped cupcakes and they are followed by our simple dip cake pops!

If you aren't a do it from scratch kind of gal go to your local grocery store and grab you a box
of your favorite cake in a box. I made strawberry cake because Alicia said it is
all the rage for V-Day...Just bake you up some cupcakes in which ever cute wrappers
your heart desires.

After the cupcakes cool pipe on some of your favorite frosting. This is cream cheese because that is
my favorite frosting!

Now we are about to go off the beaten path. Melt some candy melts/chocolate in your chocolate pro or microwave.

Once the frosting has time to set and harden a little bit we are going to dip it right in the melted chocolate.

Don't worry the frosting won't fall off!

Now we have a cute little chocolate dipped cupcake for V-Day. If you are not a royal icing master don't worry (I am
not either). I bought this little guy at my local cake supply store for fifty cent. If you haven't
checked out your local mom and pop cake supply store I highly recommend it.

Will you be my teddy bear for V-Day?
Now for some cake pop fun! For detailed instructions on how to decorate and make cake pops go here:

I made these for some wives/girlfriends of some awesome friends I have. They
are filled with strawberry cake and dipped in pink candy melts.

I found these cute red vases at the .99 Cent Store! They had a huge selection
of V-Day items.

I purchased the cute little heart lolly-pop wrappers at Michael's. I just filled the jar with V-Day M&Ms and other
candies then stuck the cake pops right in there!

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day filled with lots of sweets, kisses and happiness!


  1. Super cute! I made 44 strawberry cake pops for one of my daughters...now I have to make 88 more for my two other daughters for school :) I love the heart treat bags...SO cute!!!


  2. They look so yummy....now that I gained 30 pounds just drooling over them!! LOL