Let's talk about Love Baby!!!

We all know Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I would like to explain why this V-Day is going to be the best in history! I will try to contain my excitement and keep calm while doing it! There are all types of love in the world. The love I have experienced the longest is the love between brothers and sisters:

My Brother and Sister have been my best friends, torture subjects and co-conspirators my whole life. I am the oldest of my family which makes me boss (this doesn't work out as often as I would like but I keep abusing its power anyways). Not only is my Sister and baby niece coming to visit me on V-Day but my family is getting bigger! I don't know if you would call it fate, divine destiny or just darn good luck but after getting to know my boyfriend's family I have been super lucky to discover I not only have a new Sissy I have one who is AWESOME!

I would like to introduce you to Alicia (I have posted about her amazingness before) who has agreed after much begging to co-author HeroCakePops with me. She will be sharing her baking adventures, recipes and words of wisdom with us all and I for one can't wait! It has been such fun getting to know my new Sissy and learn how much we have in common. Just check out the crazy similarities:

We were both raised by Navy Men!
We both have smoking hot Mommas! Don't hate us because we come from beautiful!
We were both raised in the country! Of course she was raised in the frozen tundra country but
still it's the country!
We both love this man! Ok so he is little older now and Ryan will probably yell at me for posting this
picture but right now he is sleeping and can't stop me!
And last but not least we both love:

I hope you continue to join us in our baking adventures and give Alicia a warm welcome to the universe of blogging! Oh and get ready to be Dazzled!!!

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