Keep it simple Valentine's Cake Pops!

So we have done some Love Pops cuties already with little faces and we have also done cupcake Valentine's cake pops. Now we are going to do some simple Valentine's cake pops that are super cute but not so time consuming. I know there are a ton of busy Mom's out there who won't have all day to spend on cake pops. Here is a simple cake pop treat your children and their class mates will still adore you for on Valentine's Day!

First we need out chocolate molds:
Making cute little chocolate hearts is the easiest way to decorate your cake pops. All you
have to do is get out some of you old Valentine's Day molds and pour in some chocolate and let

I found this cute XXXOOO mold at my local cake supply store. I think it will
work perfect!

I filled the mold up with red and pink chocolate candy melts from Wilton. This
mold makes little quilted hearts.
  If you are super busy make the cake the night before and let it chill over night in the fridge. For detailed instructions on how to make cake pops and even a video on how to dip your cake pops in the melted chocolate go here: I Heart Cake Pops

I dipped these cake pops in light chocolate candy melts and then covered them in sprinkles and our pre-made chocolate quilted
hearts and XXXOOOs.

SPRINKLES: I bought these at Williams-Sonoma . I love there sanding sugar. I used the pink sanding sugar and heart
shaped sprinkles.

It you are using jumbo sprinkles like these then you need to make sure you tap/turn all the excess
chocolate off when you dip them. Otherwise the weight of the sprinkles will make your cake pop coating
sag and crack.

These I used the pink sanding sugar. The trick with using the sanding sugar
is to let the chocolate almost harden and then roll it in the sugar. Otherwise the chocolate will
still be to hot and start to melt and dull the sanding sugar.

Pretty in Pink Cake Pops!

On a different note...
In the last 24 hours we have had 11 Police Officers shot in the line of duty around the country. I hope you join me in praying for their families and their fellow member in Blue who try their best to protect us every day. I am a proud Police Daughter and come from a long line of Law Enforcers. It is a sad day when our men and women of the badge are under attack.

Me, my beautiful Sissy and my little niece!

Me and my Daddy.

He's in the Army Now:
Also if you could keep my baby Brother in your prayers he has embarked on a life of service and is now in boot camp with the United States Army. God Bless our men and women in the military.

My Baby Brother