I Heart Cake Pops and Wilton!

Are you one of those people who wait all year for Christmas? Who decorate the house and string up the lights before Halloween is even upon us? Well I am one of those people who wait for Christmas to be over every year so I can start decorating and celebrating Valentine's Day. The Day of Love! It is my favorite Holiday of the year. Don't be a cynic, don't be hater just jump on board the cake pop love train and lets bake a little romance into our lives! Once I received the Wilton Cake Pop Kit for their Pops in a Post Contest I couldn't wait to get started on:

Introducing the Love Pops:

Are you ready to join in me in some sugar and spice and every thing nice cake pop love fest???
Well here is what we will need:

Wilton's new Pops! Sweets on a stick! It is full of awesome cake pop ideas and
other kind of pop treats. If you love cake pops (and oh lordy I do) then
this book is a must!

You can buy this at your local hobby store in the cake/baking section
or you can buy it online here: Rolled Fondant Neon Colors .
You can also make your own Wilton has several good Fondant recipes
on their web site as well.

I used these to cut out little fondant hearts and paint with edible disco dust
to make the mouths of the Love Pops and for general decorations on the rest
of the cake pops. I bought these at my local Las Vegas Michael's but you
can buy online here if you are not close to a hobby store: Heart Fondant Cut-Outs

I made pink/white chocolate butterfly's, buttons, flowers, bows and other
various decorations with my chocolate molds I have collected through
the years. If you take care of your molds (no dish washing my Cupcakes)
then they last pretty much forever. You can use what ever molds you have
or just get creative with your pipping and fondant.

Lolly-pop sticks are a must for Love Pops. I got mine at Michael's but you
can also purchase here: Lolly-Sticks . Here you can be super creative as well
and use red candy-canes, wooden spears or what ever you can come up with.

Candy Melts are a must if you are serious about cake popping. Unless
you have extensive work with chocolate it is really hard to get real
chocolate to melt to the right consistency and stay at that consistency.
Wilton has also made a new candy melt just for dipping cake pops:
Candy Melts

Let me preach it to you for a minute my fellow Cupcakes of the world. If you
bake/decorate/mold/dip/cake pop or do anything else crafty in
the kitchen then you need a chocolate pro. Melting chocolate in the
microwave is for the birds. My red chocolate pro has seen plenty of use and abuse
and keeps on chugging along. I got this brand new Chocolate Prop
from Wilton as part of the Blogger Cake Pop contest. I <3 the chocolate pro.
They sale these at WalMart, Michael's and all sort of other stores or you can buy
here: Chocolate Pro .

Time to prepare the decorations and bake us some cake!!!

Roll out the fondant and cut out some hearts.

I painted mine with red disco dust because sparkles are a Cupcake's right.

I just LOVE V-Day!

I wanted to try out some of the new pan/molds I got in my blogger kit
and they turned out great! You can find all sorts of cool cake pop
molds here: Bake some love into it!

I made a simple store bought chocolate cake with no fuss and easy clean up...

Once cake cooled crumble up and add about half a can of frosting to the mix.
Don't add too much frosting or you will have a super hard time getting
the cake balls to stick together on the Lolly-pop.

If you really want nicely shaped cake pops use a small ice cream scoop
to help you form the right amount of cake mix in each cake ball.

I dip the ends of my Lolly-sticks in the melted candy melt and place them in the cake
balls. Then I stick the cake pops in the freezer for about nine minutes and let them
get nice and cool. You don't want them too cold though or the candy melt/chocolate
will crack when it hit the surface of the cake pop.

Pretty little home made chocolates to help with decorations of the cake pops.

I think these new flower cake pops are my new favorite. There are so many
things you can do with these when decorating. The possibilities are endless!

Lets get our dip on!

  The Love Pops:

I loved getting to decorate these cake pops and begin testing out my V-Day ideas with all my new toys I received for Christmas. Especially my new Wilton cake pop book: Pop! Sweets on a Stick! I got my idea for the Love Pops from scanning the colorful pages of my new book. If you love cake pops I highly recommend it. Baking brings joy to my house, a smile to my daughter and a satisfied tummy to my man. What else could a Cupcake wish for? I hope everyone enjoyed the cake pops. Now go forth into the world my Hearts and bake some love into your lives! (I <3 Wilton but Wilton doesn't pay/poke/prod/nudge me or my thoughts/views/words in any way.  They did send me an awesome Pops kit! Thank you Wilton! I needed a new chocolate pro. Mine has been used/abused/smashed and once home to a Barbie Bath.)

PS: Check out this new cake pop stand Wilton makes! Totally needed. Now I can stop spending
all sorts of money I don't have on Styrofoam blocks...

We loved with a love that was more than love.  ~Edgar Allan Poe


  1. You are a master in this! They look so beautiful. Love is all around you!

  2. They look soo pretty….The hearts and butterflies looks amazing:-)

  3. Thank you Katerina and Ramya! It is easy to get in the love spirit with such great friends in life and in blogland!

  4. Very cute!!!!! I love your tip on not getting them too cold in the freezer! That's what I was doing wrong. The candy melts were cracking. :( Now I know what to do. :)


  5. Hi there, thanks for dropping by, anyway, you are so talented, loves your cake pops, there are super duper cute :)

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  10. Thank Y'all all for coming on it to say hi! I am still new to blogverse and getting to see everyones blogs is super awesome!

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  12. Thank you Tiff. I love your blog btw!

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