DazzlePop Diva begins foray into Cake Pop Land!

Happy Valentines' Day! It's a big day around here at casa Densel. As you can see, it's my first post on Hero Cake Pops and I'd like to introduce myself formally. I'm Alicia and I'm known around here as the DazzlePop Diva. Ok, maybe not here (re: this is my first post :/).

First of all, I've only been making cake pops for about 6 weeks. I got an awesome book from my Sissy (who runs this fantastic blog) and decided that I was going to try making them. I have plenty of eager neighbors to use as guinea pigs in addition to a husband and two adorable boys.

My very first batch of cake pops resulted in a request to make cake pops for a birthday. I wanted to make something referencing rock and roll music, so I came up with RockStar DazzlePops. Here are a few pictures of the finished results.

My next batch was an orange flavored cake with white coating and orange Dazzle. These were very simple, but the orange cake was an unexpected taste bud treat!

I wasn't pleased with the appearance of these cake balls, but to my own fault; I was in a hurry to meet and pick up my son from the school bus. I will certainly need to give myself more time for Round Two of Diva vs. Orange DazzleBalls.

And now to the Grand Finale. At 3 pm EST, my son is having his kindergarten Valentines' Day Party. I didn't want to send in heart shaped cookies because (as you will ALL probably figure out) I like to make an impression. So I sent in these instead!!!

I started with plain white cake batter and added neon pink liquid food color. The baked cake looked like this:


I used white frosting to make the balls and white candy melts to dip into.

And then on to the best part: turning them into DazzlePops!

I'm sure it's totally obvious that this is my first blog post, but bear with me...I'll deliver the finesse later. Right now, I gotta go get ready for that Valentines' Day Party!! I really hope you enjoyed my post and if you have any comments or questions, I'd love to hear them!
Alicia the DazzlePop Diva