Hot Coco and Weekend Plans...

I thought this would be a great time to make hot chocolate and coffee cups since the weather is finally getting a little chilly in Las Vegas. If you have a chocolate pro this is super easy to do and if you don't it is still easy you just need a few more steps of melting the chocolate for a few minutes, stirring, melting some more and then dipping.

I went to the dollar store and purchased some plastic picnic cups on sale. I then dipped the edges of the cup in peanut butter chocolate that had been laced with a little drop of mint. After you have a good coating on the edges keep the cup upside down on parchment paper so the chocolate can harden. Then drizzle the inside with chocolate peanut butter to really flavor the hot chocolate. I had some green bows stored from cake pops I made and had too much candy melt left over. Just grab a chocolate mold and use your excess chocolate every time to you make cake pops. This comes in handy when you are baking cupcakes, cakes, cookies or even other cake pops. You already have a mini chocolate decoration kit ready from all the extra candy melt.

I also dipped plastic stirring spoons in the chocolate and then
covered them with marshmallows ready for stirring the hot chocolate
and adding the marshmallows all at the same time.

These are extra chocolate buttons I had left over
after making the working woman cake pops.
Now...What are you big plans for this weekend? I am super lucky and received a package in the mail today from Bake It Pretty. It had tons of wonderful cupcake making supplies my awesome boyfriend Ryan ordered for me. If you haven't taken a peak at their super cute items I suggest it highly! I love all their throw back cupcake liners and supplies. So I am starting to think it will be a cupcake theme weekend my Cupcakes !
Cupcake kit. Comes with tons of cute cupcake liners, sprinkles and cupcake toppers
for all occasions.

Look at the cute pink suite case package it comes in
Cupcakes! Does it get any cuter?

I just love leopard print anything...

OK so this is the awesome. A portable cupcake lunch box with
multiple levels. It has a storage place for the spoon and fork (included)
a place for the cupcakes, and a bottom storage for napkins. Brilliant!

Now these were the prize of the order. These awesome little Russian dolls
are really measuring cups! They will look super cute in my kitchen and
help me with baking. I love them!


  1. These are all so cute. I feel like Alice in wonderland.

  2. Wow, I too am digging the Russian doll measuring cups.

  3. Thanks mangocheeks! I just love these measuring cups!

  4. I must get that cupcake lunch thing. I'm a huge sucker for anything cupcakes and I have to add this to my growing collection!!