Chocolate Wonderland

I know. I know. We are not even to Thanksgiving yet but this visit was for a good cause. To take some of the most amazing people I have been blessed to meet (my Boyfriends Parents) to Chocolate Wonderland! What is a better cause then chocolate Cupcakes?

If you ever visit lovely Las Vegas there is so much more then just neon lights and slot machines. One of those happens to be Ethel M Chocolate Factory. You can visit and watch the chocolate made, learn the history of chocolate, sample the chocolate and then visit their three acre cactus garden. It is lovely. Just around Christmas time they decorate with amazing lights that sparkle for miles. It is Chocolate Wonderland.

I found my life quote...

I love Swiss

Skittles have always been my favorite candy and now
I know why! Hook Em Horns!

Ryan and my baby J in front of Chocolate Wonderland.

Ryan's Parents or to Jordan: Papa and Dina.

Hello to you to yummies!

Cactus Garden decorated with sparkles


  1. These are great pictures. I can imagine your joy seeing those things. As for chocolate you don't have to convince me.I am a chocoholic all the way.

  2. lol me too Katerina! It is a girls right.