Retro Cupcakes featured on Baking is Hot!

One of my favorite blogs Bakingishot  featured my Retro Thanksgiving Cupcake last night. I have been going to this amazing blog forever to drool over the amazing food and photography from all the amazing food blogger and bakers in the world. HeroCakePops is super proud to have one their cupcakes featured and I recommend if you haven't been to visit yet you join me in my daily drool fest! Also they are searching hard for gluten free food recipes which is one reason I have been trying to perfect my gluten free cake pop recipe (not there yet, any tips would be greatly valued). Thank you Bakingishot and all you do for the baking community! I <3 You!

Featured on Baking is Hot

Also if you are into free stuff like me (and you would be just plain crazy not to be) then BakingisHot is giving away a great prize right now for following them on twitter and facebook and letting them know what you like to bake in winter the most. Just go here: Free-Stuff-Is-Really-Awesome.


  1. Congrats for the feature! I will check this out.

  2. Thank You Katerina! You should submit some of your amazing yummies!