We are back from having a healthy son (7lbs 4oz) and ready to get back to baking and blogging with all my sugar loving friends. We have teamed up with the WhatToExpect group and will be having an amazing give away coming up soon!

I wanted you to know about a new feature we will be doing on HeroCakePops called:

Cake Pop Sundays

We will be featuring cake pops from the HeroCakePops Flickr group: Cakes On A Stick. If you would like a chance for your cake pop creation to be featured on HeroCakePops with a link back to your page or flickr account just post your yummy creations in the group. I will pick a photo to feature every Sunday. We are an equal cake pop creation group. Post your gooey cake pop mess you made with your little spawn or your Creme DE cake pop master piece.

I am glad I can finally rejoin my blogging sweets and share some delicious times.

Now for all those emailing and facebooking me for pictures of the little guy here you go:

I am in love and we are super blessed. Thanks for all the well wishes.

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