Some of my favorite sprinkles!!

Hello Friends!

Do you like to make things sparkle? Well then you are going to love this Hologram Silver Disco Dust. This post is about where I buy some of my sprinkles and shiny things that make baking awesome.

I know it has been a little while since I have posted but I promise I have a wonderful reason. I have been preparing for this little one to come in a few weeks:
Our baby boy should be on his way into the world very soon and we can't wait. However being put on bed rest off and on has made it hard to do what I love (baking and sharing with you) and I can't wait to get back in the swing of things soon.

Until then I thought I would share a store you might not have visited yet. I purchase most my sprinkles from here and. I really love sprinkles. Sprinkles make CAKE POPS fun, yummy and pretty. The trick with sprinkles is to make sure they are not to heavy and crack the chocolate as it hardens.

This is one of my favorite sprinkles stores:Layer Cake Shop

Here are my favorite type of sprinkles I order: Chunky Sugar Assortment

They remind me of rock candy when I was growing up and are great for decorating CAKE POPS or CUPCAKES. I have used the black for Halloween and if I am up for baking when the 4th of July gets here I plan on using the red. They have many other type of sprinkles if chunky is not your style!

If you have a certain type of sprinkle you just can't bake without leave me a comment with a link! I love trying new sprinkles!

PS: Layer Cake Shop has never heard of HeroCakePops I am just a fan and customer!

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