Wilton Cake Pop Contest Awesome Post Roundup! You must look at everyone's ideas!

I have decided after eight years of being a Mom and thirty-one years of being a Daughter nothing on earth is more awesome then Moms. Want to know why? Mom's get the picture. They are selfless, caring and more important sharing. Do you know what is even more awesome them Moms? Moms that blog. I am convinced if they gave blogging Mom's a crack at our failing education system it would be solved in no time. This blogging Mom would blog another blogging Mom in England who would blog another blogging Mom in Greece for advice, everyone would blog hop a little and BOOM problem solved. That is why I have loved taking part in the Wilton Cake Pop Challenge. I love to learn. I am a newer baker and have a ton to learn still. There are so many amazing Mom's and bloggers out there who entered and posted awesome cake pops!!! If you have visited my blog even once you know I adore cake pops (sometimes I think Bakerella is a angel of cake sent down from Heaven just to bring the joy of cake pops to world) and I am going to spend the whole year trying all the awesome new cake pop ideas I have seen during the Wilton Cake Pop contest on every one's entries.

OK Cupcakes here is all the entries I have found so far!!! If you entered and I didn't find you through my twitter/blog/facebook I am sorry and would love to see your post and add it to the list so everyone else can see it too!

  • Codycakes presents Ocean-frenzy! I am not going to lie I have adored every one's postings but so far this one has really struck my fancy. Maybe because she is fellow Las Vegas Girl or probably because I freaking flipping love turtles and jelly fish! She made jelly fish cake pops! How awesome is that!
  • Fairytale and Puppydog Tails presents Brownie pops! I would just like to warn you the author of this blog has seven children. That's right. Seven children and still has time to share with the world. Every time I finish reading a post on this awesome blog I think to myself wow she has seven children and still find time for this. Then I just feel lazy! I love the green color of the brownie pops and the added mustache! They look like little green brownie monster undercover detectives!
  • Lulubellescouture presents princess cake pops! Who has a little princess out there that love cake and cake pops? Then this post is for you! These princess cake pops are fit for any royal princess's birthday!
  • Blessings Abound Mommy presents dog sled cake pops! This orginal and awesome idea came out perfect. The dog cake pops pulling a dog sled are just darling!
  • Busy-at-home presents Sheep cake pops! I would like to state now you will see cake pops in the post again when I totally copy them for my daughters school at Easter! These sheep cake pops are ridiculously cute and I can't decide if I want to adopt them and start a sheep farm or nibble on them!
  • Confessions of a Vegetarian presents Recycle-or-die cake pops What doesn't want to save Mother Earth? These pro recycle earth cake pops are super yummy looking and for a super good cause!
  • Followinginmyshoes presents Valentines Day Cake Pops! A blogger after my own heart! I love V-Day and her heart cake pops look super cute. Also she made flower cake pops (she thinks they look like star fish) but I say they look like super cute flowers and even if they did resemble star fish a little star fish are super cute too!
  • Courtneyssweets presents hot air balloon cake pops! These hot air balloon cake pops came out darling and I can think of at least five birthday parties coming up that are going to need hot air balloon cake pops. She also made S'mores pops and brownies pops!
  • Dearcrissy presents Candy Bar Explosion! Bring on the candy bars. Now this is what I am talking about. I like it sweet and full of yum and these cake pops look like they have all that an more! Plus any reason to bake anything with a Butterfingers I am in support of!
  • MySillyMonkey's presents animal cake pops! This cake pop post has it all! Little cute chicks, frogs, lady bugs and even a caterpillar cake pop! Oh and of course the cutest part of all: Silly Monkeys!
  • Unus Sed Leona presents pinata pops! Who doesn't love a party with a pinata? I have never seen a pinata cake pop before but now that I have the sky is the limit! I can't wait to try and make these cute as a button little cake pops!
  • BeeCute1 presents under the sea cake pops! After seeing the darling cake pops I wanted to grab my scuba gear and go for a swim! These cake pops came out super cute!
  • MinnesotsMamas presents hearts and apples! If you have a teacher in your life or you are a hard working home schooling Mom who would like to treat her self (go on you deserve it) then you must check out these apple cake pops! She also whipped up some V-Day cake pops (I might have mentioned this before but I <3 anything V-Day).
  • Notjustamommy presents Frankenpops! Using brownie pops she made some spooky cute little green FrankenPops! I am pretty sure between the lull of Easter/St. Patty's Day and the Fourth of July I am going to get bored and going to have make these cute little monsters!
  • The Cupcake Bandits presents panda bear cake pops! Actually there is a panda bear cake pop (my favorite of this post) and a lolly-pop cake pop and a Christmas tree cake pop! I saw a ton of different Christmas tree cake pops at Christmas but none like this one! It is darling!
  • Babesandkidsreview present Gru and Minions! Did anyone else take their kids to see Despicable Me? Well if you and did and your kids loved it they will adore these cake pops! You can tell it took time, effort and Mom baking love into it to make these. They came out wonderful!
  • Accidentalmommies present funny face cake pops! Lets be honest what is the most awesome part of baking? Sharing what you bake with your Heroes. You little Heroes who couldn't care less how long it took you to form that rose on the cake or pipe those petals! They just want to shove that yummy in their tiny little faces. The babies help decorate these funny little face cake pops and mini monster and they are awesome. I especially love the multiple eye monster cake pop!
  • TheShoppingMoma presents a Valentine's Day cake pop Bouquet! Really this is one of the most lovely cake pop bouquets I have ever seen. If you grow up in the South (Esp Texas) on homecoming all the girls wear these big streaming mums to support their local high school football team and this brought me right back there. I would be swept off my feet if someone ever gave me a cake pop bouquet like this one!
  • Busy-mommy presents spaghetti and meatball cake pops! How totally awesome would these be at a cocktail party with your closest friends? Who doesn't love spaghetti and meatballs? This is such a super cute idea!
  • Sweetshotsbynicole presents Valentine's Day cake pops! Bring on the love pops Cupcakes, bring it on! I can't get enough of seeing every ones V-Day cake pops and every one I see makes me want to make them right now!
  • Sheilacakes presents transportation cake pops! I am pretty sure every little kid on earth will want these cake pops. Who doesn't love a big red rocket ship? These cake pops look like a blast to make!
  • Giveawaysfor you presents Valentine's Day cake pops! You have got to check out these super cute V-Day cake pops! I adore them. This blogger is going to be starting the Wilton Cake decorating classes like me and I can't wait to see what she makes in the future!
  • Frostedfingers presents Take me out to the Ballgame! It is almost Baseball season (Go Rangers!) and Frostedfingers made some sporty baseball hats and baseballs for her entry! I adore them.
  • Herocakepops presents I <3 Cake Pops! Did we cover my love of Valentine's Day? I know pretty much all my post pertain to cake pops but for the Wilton contest I entered my V-Day pops because I am a romantic at heart and I love pink.
These are all the posts I have been able to find so far! I would also like to think Wilton Mom Ambassador and my personal Santa Clause Emilie from Ohmysugarhigh for everything and spreading the good word about the Wilton Cake Pop Contest. I haven't had this much fun in decades! A Texan never forgets a kindness.


  1. I so badly want to be a Wilton Mom Ambassador! I love to bake all sorts of desserts including sugar free wonderful creations.

  2. Hello Diabetic Snackr Reviews! I visited your blog and it has such great information on it! I am an EMT and Diabetic troubles make up a huge portion of my calls! It is a huge problem and I am glad there are people with such informative sites like yours out there!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and adding me to your roundup! I had so much fun making our cake pops and I was so scared of trying because I don't even frost cupcakes, lol!

  4. Well your cake pops came out darling! I adored them! It was a super orginal idea. I am going to try and copy these cake pops soon!

  5. Wow, how cool! I love cake pops. The most recent ones I've made are red velvet ones dipped in colorful red chocolate for Christmas!

  6. Hello there! Congrats on being a finalist (woo-hoo!) and sharing my Frankenpops!

    BTW Bakerella is an angel, I met her when she came through Seattle on her book tour, and she remembered me as one of her Pop Stars and she let me gush all over her :)

  7. Not Just a Mommy I am so jealous you got to me Bakerella! That is soo awesome!