Wilton Rocks My World! Plus a Cake Pop Contest!

Christmas came early in my house thanks to Emily at OHMYSUGARHIGH who posted an awesome contest Wilton is putting on to promote their new Cake Pop Book: POPS! Sweets on a stick! . The first 40 bloggers to write Wilton got a smoking awesome cake pop kit to help their contest efforts. Now I was slow the draw and didn't make the 40 but Emily having seen my enormous love of cake pops put in a good word for me with Wilton and they sent me an extra kit they had!!! I <3 Emily. I <3 Wilton.
Now to see all the rules and how to enter this awesome cake pop contest go to: Wilton Cake Pop Blogger Contest . I am going to enter and all entries have to be in to Wilton by Jan. 10. So there is no time to waste. I am still debating what cake pops I am going to make with all my new toys they sent me but everyone who loves cake pops and to blog should enter. Don't think just cause your a Mommy/not professionally trained pastry chef you can't enter cause I am both of those and wild horses couldn't keep me away!

Now to the new totally amazing cake pop goodies Wilton is making and sent me in the kit:

Merry Christmas Me!

I mean could it be any more awesome?

That's right Wilton makes Cake Pop stands. How a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

I am totally making the puppy...

Hello pretty!!

Now these little guys are just smart and cute. I can't wait to decorate my
cake pops with them!!

 Now here is a sneak peak at a few of my favorite cake pops from Wilton's new book:
POPS! Sweets on a stick!

So what I wanna know is how get this amazing job. Just thinking up
cake pops for Wilton think tank style!

How do you even pick a favorite? I am going to have to make them all.

Now you are talking my language. I love tea, tea sets and everything pink.
Who ever at Wilton made this is BRILLIANT!

I saw these and instantly thought of my baby Sister who collects dolphins and flamingos.
I am so making these for her.

So any one who knows me for long knows Ice Cream is my favorite food on earth
and I totally believe cherry pie cures cancer and any other thing that might
trouble you. Here they are side by side. It is like Wilton was inside my brain and stomach!

My local book model Jordan and our new awesome book!!!


  1. Beautiful contest! Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank You Katerina! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow! That is sooooo cool! I can't wit to see what you create!

  4. OH MY!! Thank you for sharing!! I'd love to see what you have up your sleeve!! I wish I could have gotten that kit -looks soooo coool! ...I'm sure I'm no competition to you, but I'm going to give it a shot! Merry Christmas and good luck!!

  5. Wow what a brilliant kit :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you Michelle and Vikkit for stopping in and saying hi! Cody Cakes any thing you make is perfect I have tried to make at least two of your yummies already! I am so glad you are entering the contest. I hope at least one of my Las Vegas bakers makes the top 10!

  7. oh you lucky duck! good luck creating and thanks for your comment on my blog :)