Mummy Pops for some tiny heroes!

For Jordan's School Halloween Party I decided to try my hand at Yummy Mummies by Bakerella. We are going to put our own twist on them and make them bright and spooooky! These cake pops will be going to my daughters special needs class so it is important to keep track of what ingredients used. All children can have allergies to foods like peanuts but special needs children seem to have these allergies at a higher rate. It is a good idea when ever shipping your little hero off to school with a new batch of HeroCakePops to make sure they are labeled with ingredients for the teachers.

Now turn to page 131 in our new and shiny Cake Pop book and lets make some Yummy Mummies!

First we need one mini-hero dressed as a bee....Check!

Then we need some green and white Yummy Mummies!! After baking the basic cake pop (I used a store bought white cake mix for ease) and cooling the mummies were read to be painted with candy melts.I first coated all the mummies in white like described in the book. Then once all mummies were made I used green gel based coloring (never water) and tinted the rest of the white candy melt booger green! I then used a disposable piping bag to pipe on the mummy wrap!

If you have a foam block/lollipop stand you can make yours standing up but I gave my last home made cakepop stand (made by my new hero and boyfriend Ryan) to my Sister for my new baby niece's first birthday party. Speaking of which how about we make some Ladybug cake pops for one of the newest heroes to join the clan Miss Payton Sophia!!

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