Baby Boy Cake Pop Diaper Cake

One of my good friends at work just had a beautiful baby boy. I have worked with him for years and he is beyond happy to be having a son. For his baby shower I wanted to make him something special. I decided to attempt my second Cake Pop Diaper Cake!

You are going to construct this diaper cake exactly like a regular diaper cake. Decide how many tiers you want, how many diapers you want to use and roll the diapers like normal. The only difference is we are going to add edible cake pops on top for an extra special effect.

I bought all the supplies I needed for this at Party City and Michaels.

Step One: Make cake pops. I made funfetti cake pops (everything is better in rainbow)

Once the cake pops are ready it's time to construct the Diaper Cake they will go on!

You can easily pick different ribbon for a baby girl cake pop diaper cake. I can't wait till one for my friends has a girl and I get make something pink and sparkly! 


  1. You are brilliant constructing this special diaper cake with all your "baby blue" cake pop! I look forward to see the pink version of this if you are posting it.

  2. Your basketball diaper cake is really cute. I like the bottle idea in the center!

  3. Where did you get the nba logo for your cake? Its puts a authentic touch to it.

  4. I love the bedazzling of the cakes! Looks fantastic