Paint Your Sweets Green St. Patty's Day!

I know. I know. It is about to be a new holiday and I am about to tell you how it's my favorite. They are all my favorite but can you blame a girl? I like to party. Of course this St. Patty's Day I can't partake of the best adult holiday tradition ever (Green Beer) but I can still get festive with it. So lets paint ourselves green and paint our sweets green too!

First we need supplies: I bought all the following supplies at Party City in their huge St. Patty's Day isle.

This cute package of cookie cutters is just what we need. We are going to use the
littlest cookie cutter to form our St. Patty's Day cake pops.

We are going to use green candy melts from Wilton (you can use what ever brand you love and I will
use Wilton because I like how it tastes the best) to dip our cake pops. I also bought an orange bag
of candy melts since orange is a huge color is St. Patty's Day as well.

These are actually cup cake toppers but will work perfectly for our
cake pops as well.
Now we shape our cake pops:

Follow basic cake pop making instructions (bake your cake, let it cool, mix in half a can of frosting to cooled crumbled cake and stir until dough like texture).

We are going to use the smallest clover cookie cutter in the package to make our cake pop shapes.

I turn the cookie cutter with the cutter portion side facing down. I then use my ice cream scoop to scoop out a small portion
of my cake pop batter. I push the batter into the cookie cutter until the thing is packed with cake pop batter.

After it is packed with cake pop batter flip over the cookie cutter and use your thumb to push out the new shape
you formed. Always push from the small cookie cutter side toward the large front to avoid distorting
your shape.
Get your dip/sprinkle on:

I found these sprinkles at Party City in the St. Patty's Day isle and thought they were super festive!

Orange is a huge color on St. Patty's Day along with traditional green so I had to give orange some love too!

If only I could have green beer to go with the green cake pops.
Got Chocolate Molds? Well I am going to show you how to use your favorite chocolate molds
with your cake pops.
       Step 1: Melt chocolate or candy melt
       Step 2: Fill your chocolate mold with the melted candy melts or chocolate and let harden fully.
       Step 3: Once the chocolate mold is hard, leave the chocolates in the mold. Dip your cake pop
                    in the melted candy melts, tap off excess candy melt, and then turn the cake pop upside
                    down onto the top of the harden chocolate in the mold. Let the cake pop harden.
      Step 4: Once the cake pop outer candy melt coating is harden pop the chocolate out of the mold like 
                   normal and the chocolate piece in the mold will be glued to the cake pop.
I let the bottom mold piece harden and then placed the freshly dipped cake pop upside down to "dry"
on the chocolate piece. Once it "drys" it will be glued to the chocolate piece in the mold and you will
have a cake pop with a cute design on top.

I dipped just the sides of this cake pop in sprinkles and left the top clear so the candy melt on the top of the
cake pop would act like glue as it dried to the chocolate mold piece.

Just make sure you let the chocolate piece in the mold harden before you begin dipping and placing cake pops.
St. Patty's Day fun on a stick:

If you want the Happy St. Patty's Day words to be more visible you could paint the letters with edible
disco dust or use a edible marker to color in the letters.

Four Leaf Clover Cake Pops:

Irish Cupcake Cake Pops:

I wanted to have fun with my favorite 3D chocolate cupcake mold as well!
This is my 3D cupcake chocolate mold. You can mix and match color since you harden
the cupcake top and bottom separately.

These are all yummy chocolate!

Once the cupcake mold was read I dipped the cake pop and then before it started to "dry"
I placed the cupcake on top of the cake pop. The top of the just dipped cake pop
acts like glue as it hardens to hold the cupcake up.

Got Cupcake Toppers you are dying to use? Well your cake pop can use them too!


PS: Because I have had a few questions on this I thought I would give you a little behind the scenes action of photographing cake pops. I am getting better as I go but it is still hard getting everything right.
My photography friends say lighting is the key. I am going to eventually invest in what they call a light box for my food. Until then this is what I came up with:

Beggars can't be choosers lol. I steal my lamp from the living room to help add
extra light to the kitchen. I use my laundry basket (forgive it's fullness) to help prop
up the lamp.

My boyfriend made this amazing cake pop stand out of two cake boards. He just drilled matching holes in them
and placed pegs between the two boards. I use my daughters construction paper as my

And holding up our make shift backdrop is two heavy bottles of what I have on hand.


  1. I love your tutorials on making cake pops! I have read your blog since it was shown on the Wilton contest and you inspired me to make my first cake pops with your dipping video. I have also created my own blog which is a blog of all of my baking attempts, I am very new at the blogging thing. Do you mind if I share the link to your blog and video with my friends as well? :)

  2. I can lots of greens in your cake pops. You are very creative!

  3. Thank you Sweet Fox and Zoe for such lovely comments.
    I am so glad you are making cakepops Sweetfox! I can't
    wait to check out your blog! You may feel free to link or use anything
    on Herocakepops you would like! Good luck in your
    baking adventures.

  4. Ha ha! Check out my blog today...we are matching! :) ♥- Katrina

  5. OH Yummmm! Cake pops look awesome and delicious!

  6. Adorable! Absolutely adorable, ALL! Where did you find the edible glitter? I've been trying to track down some of that stuff for ages.

  7. Hi Amy and Jenn! Thanks for visiting. sells disco dust or edible glitter. I also get my at my local cake decorating store.

  8. - Love your creations! reflects your joie de vivre and for the things you do. Do check out my Crazy for Cakes Event - you could probably come up with something amazing for it :)

  9. Thanks sharing that cake pops don't have to be round! I have some spring leaves cookie cutters that I might be able to do this for...thanksgiving!

    oh by the way, you are absolutely adorable showing us the behind the scene! It's too funny but hey, whatever works right? =)