Cupcake Cake Pops without the stick and a first attempt at cake pops!

Looking for a cute idea for your special someone for Valentine's Day or for yourself just because you deserve it! I found this super cute cupcake chocolate mold at my local cake supply store.

There are two halves to the mold which lends itself to endless possibilities!
Now I am going to make a cupcake cake pop just like you would if you were making it on stick but it won't be going on a stick. Prepare your cake pop mixture like normal. I coated the inside of the cup part of the cupcake with chocolate and filled it about half way.

There are two parts to this mold. The "top" part of the cupcake and the "cup" part of the cupcake. I filled the cup part half way with white chocolate and coated the sides of the mold with white chocolate. I then put it in the fridge to hard for about 10 minutes. Once the chocolate was hard I spooned out some of the cake pop cake mix until the cup was filled. I then coated the top of the cup with another layer of white chocolate and placed the "top" part on the newly coated "cup".

Don't worry if the layer of chocolate you covered the cake with runs out a little when you place the top on. The hot chocolate will act a glue to hold the top on the cupcake and all you need to do is run a toothpick along the edge of the cupcake. When the chocolate hardens the excess chocolate with break right off.

They look super cute like a cupcake and have cake inside but these little cuties are 100% sinful  delicious chocolate!

TIPS: I was excited to try this idea for the first time with my new chocolate mold and piped the red sprinkles into the chocolate mold. I let them harden and then poured the white chocolate on top of them into the "top" part of the cupcake mold. I think it came out cute but if you are trying to do a professional job or sell yours then I would not pipe the red first. You can see on some of the red sprinkles ran when I poured the white chocolate. If I was doing these for a party I would pour only white chocolate into the mold, let it harden and then paint or pipe the red sprinkles on the top.

Also if you are going to use white or pink for your "cup" part of the cup cake I would use a white or yellow cake mix. I used red velvet (I know I am addicted) and you cold see a tint of red from the cake showing through toward the top of the "cup".

My Sissy Alicia (who happens to be my boyfriends amazing big Sister) made cake pops for the first time today! These photos are coming all the way from the frozen tundra of Michigan. (I explain to my boyfriend on a daily basis how crazy Yankee's are for living in any place that gets negative degree anything since I am freezing in anything below 85 degrees!) Alicia has two amazing little boys to help her in her cake pop adventures. She is also one of those amazing Mom's who decided to sacrifice her personal goals/dreams and stay at home with her boys until they were ready to start big bad kindergarten! God bless amazing Mom's. Being a medic I can promise you not all children in the world are lucky enough to have such amazing Mommy's like Alicia. She also happens to be an amazing Auntie too!

Alicia's First Cake Pop attempt:
She made a home made butter cake.  I wish I could have a piece of right now...

She crumbled the cake to prepare for mixing.

Alicia only wanted to make a few cake pops. She cut her cake into quarters and just used
one section. Cake freezes really well so you can save the rest of the cake by
freezing it and just take out what you need as you need it.
Perfect little cake balls ready for dipping!
What little boy wouldn't want to shove a yellow cake pop made out of butter cake and butter cream
frosting into their little mouths? I haven't tried yellow yet (ok so I have a little girl and really we live in a
pink world) but it is super cute on cake pops!

Have you seen a cuter face then that! Is it wrong to want to steal cake from kids? :) I can't
help it looks so yummy! Great job Alicia! I love you bunches!


  1. Love your stick-less cake pop idea. The cupcake mold really makes very cute cake pops.

  2. Thanks Zoe! I thought the mold was just prefect for cake pops!

  3. I love your little cake pops, and from what I see your student learned well from you!

  4. Love the cupcakes! I really want your mold. x

  5. Those cupcakes are super cute!! I love the idea :)

    And as someone from the frozen tundra of Michigan...Calgon, take me away!!! I'd gladly move somewhere's 13 degree as I type!

    ~Trisha from Thank Heaven for Little Swirls

  6. OMG Trisha that is way way to cold! You need to come warm up in Sunny Las Vegas!